How To Improve The Efficiency And Security Of Your Data Centers Using Industrial Vending Machines !!

The data center sector is always challenged to maintain with ever-changing technology breakthroughs and increasing client demands. Listed below are the top 3 challenges faced by Data Center in Storage Resource Management (SRM).

Tracking the life cycle of IT resources
In a mission-critical environment with many data technicians servicing hundreds of servers and storage racks, how can you keep track of your storage resources? It is so important to have a tracking system for all IT resources from their installation to disposal.  KnitLogix’s proven solution solves this physical storage management problem. Our Industrial vending machine combined with a storage management system will track the life cycle of IT assets from purchase to removal, refurbishment, or destruction.
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Data and equipment security:
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Protecting data from external and internal threats is vital in today’s life. An industrial vending machine combined with an inventory management system controls and tracks drives and other IT assets. Also,  ensures accountability. Control inventory by forcing employees to use a pin code, proximity card, or biometric identification device to keep track of when and how many hard drives or other spare parts they take. Drives that go missing are no longer an issue, and you can be assured that your data is safe
24/7 Access Control
Instead of grabbing drives and other crucial spare parts from unsupervised storage closets, technicians use an industrial vending machine to track your equipment down to the serial number. When a drive is checked out to a work order, the system traces it down to the cluster and rack it belongs to. The system is updated when the drive is retired. Data centers can restrict access in a variety of ways, including limiting the number of drives per technician and allowing users to remove specified items from the system.
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Knitlogix’s tried-and-true solutions have aided businesses across the board, from manufacturing to retail. We have successfully placed a variety of our products in several data centers, and we have handled many common industry difficulties. Autocrib’s system gives you complete control over every piece of IT equipment in your supply chain while lowering theft, loss, maintenance, and floor space. For years to come, a high-security industrial vending machine combined with storage management software will boost operating efficiencies and security in your data centers.

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