Data Destruction Service

Do you know that your data, even if it’s obsolete, poses a grave threat to your organization if it falls into the wrong hands?

KnitLogix provides totally secure data destruction services

Businesses are becoming increasingly reliant on technology, which has resulted in the generation of a large amount of digital data. For organizations, government agencies and people that deal with sensitive data, ensuring that data destruction is carried out to the highest standards is critical.

A lot of the data that organizations have on hand can be utilized to get into their computer systems. Personal information about employees can be used to impersonate and make unauthorized access to your organizations computer systems. Information about your internet security protocols could be used to jeopardize your organization’s safety. Worse, personal information about clients and staff can be exploited to steal their identities and put their finances in jeopardy. Data destruction is a panacea that can save your organization from these hassles. We provide Data destruction service


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Erase and destroy unwanted digital data

On-Site Degaussing Services

We offer on-site degaussing services at your facility, or off-site degaussing services at one of our controlled and monitored data centers. As a nationwide vendor, our degaussing and data destruction processes comply with corporate policies and legal mandates. Read More

Off-Site Degaussing Services

KnitLogix's off site degaussing & media shredding/destroying services offers a safe transportation of your media hardware assets through a chain of custody process & degaussing or shredding/destroying your media devices at KnitLogix's nearby safe and secure facility.Read More

Soft Eraser

Through our certified data erasure process, organizations now have a secure method to erase data on storage devices – regardless of underlying technology – in a cost-effective, secure and eco-friendly manner. Ensure your sensitive data has been permanently erased fromRead More

Why should you choose KnitLogix for destroying your data?

"We will complete the work with needed CHAIN of Custody, Regulatory compliance as per data classification with a 360 degree view” is the easy answer. We don’t simply destroy your data. Erasure, Degaussing, Destruction and Disposal of your data ensure you are freed from the nightmare of unauthorized access of your data, its theft and malware propagation. we provide data destruction.

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Key Products we provide

Data Degausser

We provide various Leading Data Destruction Equipments for Magnetic, Optical and Semiconductor storage both hard and soft patented erasing technologies.

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