KnitLogix Residency service

KnitLogix Residency Service India offers highly qualified, specialist personnel to manage your infrastructure according to your unique needs. Our residency services help our clients quickly, flexibly, and affordably attract, maintain, and deploy a team of professionals by utilizing our Staff augmentation

KnitLogix residency service india

Residency service india

  • Qualified Professionals
  • Technical proficiency
  • Functional talents
  • proactive approach
  • Project pipelining
  • Background and reference checks
  • Proven experienced KnitLogix resources
  • Precise qualified requirements
  • SMEs with pre-sales and pre-engagement
  • Clear engagement strategy
  • Clearly stated Requirement
  • Strategy session for sales and delivery
  • procedure of onboarding
  • Managing projects and programmes
  • Operation of the front and back offices
  • Equipment and logistics
  • reporting framework
  • Access and system operations
  • Reporting on timesheets and status
  • PO and invoice tracking
  • Transition and recording

Boost your utilization of technology to give your company more value and efficiency.

We provide a high level of technical expertise

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