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ERP (SAP)Integration

Integration & API solutions

Start today with KnitLogix to change your business into a digital one.

Create flexible demand and production networks in a real-world setting. Meeting deadlines while keeping the client’s needs in mind.
Through customized solutions that best meet your company’s needs, you can manage your inventory, logistics, and planning and forecasting more effectively.

Our comprehensive suite of sourcing and procurement solutions save cycle times by streamlining upstream and downstream operations.

How can ERP (SAP) be Implemented to Help?

    Regardless of location or size, SAP offers industry-specific modules that can be incorporated into any firm. The management of each department is made simpler by SAP deployment in your business model. The productivity and communication inside your company can both benefit from the cloud-based ERP.

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One of the important modules of SAP ERP is SAP Supply Chain Management, which manages Demand Planning, Business Forecasting, and Production Planning.

Intelligent automation

Your enterprise cannot function as a whole and operate mission-critical operations effectively without automated, end-to-end business processes.

Instant insight

Deliver real-time insights to every job in your organisation that are accessible from everywhere so you can run quickly and adjust to the unforeseen.

Industry best practices

Utilize next-generation business IT platforms and industry competencies to revolutionise your company and promote innovation.

SAP SCM Services
supply chain management

Planning the digital supply chain
The supply chain becomes more complex as demand grows and delivery requirements change. Planning the production and timing the delivery becomes crucial as a result. Also, quality service becomes crucial.

SAP SCM Components
Supply chain steps

KnitLogix offers solutions in the following application areas:

  • Executing supply-demand planning
  • Supply chain rationalisation for customers who use outdated, independent SCM procedures and systems
  • Planning for outside clients in sales and procurement
  • Enhancements to existing SCM software 


Benefits of SAP ERP

Frequently Asked Questions

Supply Chain Management is a key module of SAP ERP. It controls Production Planning, business forecasting, and demand planning, and helps the organization manage its supply chain process in a dynamic environment.

The primary applications are SAP General Areas, SAP Supply Network Collaboration SNC, SAP Extended Warehouse Management EWM,etc..

  • Limitations on business architecture should be eliminated.
  • Total control over the supply chain.
  • Automates processes to increase business efficiency.
  • Make data reporting and analysis simpler.
  • Improve channels for internal and external communication.
  • Improved use of resources, both human and material.
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