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Knitlogix offers Cloud and Edge IT support services remotely or onsite with highest security, indemnity, and accountability on clients’ data processing technologies with “Chain of Custody” requirements.

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KnitLogix offers 100% guaranteed IT support. Cloud Resources are offered from popular cloud service provider partners like AWS, Azure, GCP, Oracle from the region of choice that meets customers data locality, jurisdiction and sovereignty needs. On-premise products and resources are from leading brands like DELL, VMW etc.
The services are delivered online, onsite and at edge locations pan India by certified KnitLogix IT Squad available at 140 locations pan India.

Service buckets are preloaded hours that can be bought and is depleted based on the usage by the IT Squad technician who assist in resolving the problems customer may have. The buckets are optimized for skillsets that come with different rates. We have 4 variants of bucket skills. SCBs will have a validity period of 3 months, 6 months and 12 months.
1. General IT @ Rs.250 per hour
2. Specialized IT @ 350 per hour
3. Security IT @350 per hour
4. Cloud IT @500 per hour

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