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Why use Data Degaussing or Data Erasure?

Data Degaussing is the process of reducing or getting rid of an undesired magnetic field (or data) recorded on tape and disk media, such as hard drives in computers and laptops, diskettes, reels, cassettes, and cartridges tapes. The magnetic information on a tape or hard drive is neutralized or erased when it is exposed to the strong magnetic field of a degausser. Degaussing is the conventional procedure for data deletion since it provides a guaranteed way of hard disk erasure. Your information won’t be retrievable again if you use the proper degausser.

Degaussers on the NSA’s Evaluated Products List have been authorized for the removal of Top Secret data and are recognized by the NSA as an acceptable method of hard drive sanitization. For all data classifications, degaussing is crucial for data sanitization. Degaussing guards against the theft, resale, leak, and abuse of private data stored on old hard drives.

Data Degaussing Benefits

  • Complete data removal in a matter of seconds
  • Effective on both functional and inoperative hard drives
  • Produces no dust or debris)
  • Can be used in an office environment)
  • Cost-effective (than overwriting or shredding)
  • Easily accomplished internally using existing staff
  • Eco-friendly (uses little energy and is recyclable)


It need not be difficult to find the degausser that satisfies all of your requirements. Our security specialists can help you choose the right degausser to protect the destruction of information saved on your magnetic media (computer hard drives, laptops, server drives, backup tapes, audio tapes, etc.).

The following factors should be taken into account when selecting a degausser:

  • MEDIA TYPE: What kinds of tape formats do you have to degauss? What types of hard drives must be degaussed? Different degaussers can work with various media types.
  • DIMENSION: Hard drives (HDDs) and tapes come in a wide range of sizes; however, larger products may not fit in all degaussers.
  • DATE OF HDD MANUFACTURE: Do you use magnetic recording technology that is longitudinal (LMR) or perpendicular (PMR)? This has an impact on coercivity, which tells you how potent your degausser needs to be.
  • MEDIA VOLUME: In what kind of period and with how much media do you have to degauss? Do you have a safe location to keep it until it can be disposed of properly?
  • AUTOMATIC OR MANUAL OPERATION: Are you anywhere without electricity? Do you have the personnel to run a manual degausser, or would you rather have an automated system? Have you any power restrictions?

Let us assist you in comprehending the advantages of degaussing, the most recent Department of Defense protocols, current security standards and compliance criteria, as well as the risks connected to inappropriate sanitization methods.

Proton Data Degausser

Certified Data Destruction: KnitLogix

An economical, automatic, drawer-style degausser – ideal for low volume degaussing requirements. Permanently erases data from hard drives and various tape media with an effective magnetic field of at least 1 Tesla per cycle. To Know more 

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