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Securing the public cloud is an increasingly difficult challenge for businesses. As a result, IT departments are searching for cloud-delivered security solutions that provide sufficient end-user security.Knitlogix cloud security solutions help secure cloud access and safeguards the use of SaaS applications. In addition, they also block and remediate email threats and monitors your IaaS instances and alerts on suspicious activities. Knitlogix delivers a broad, effective security solution for your multicloud world.

What is effective security for a multicloud world?
  1. Security for connecting to the Internet:- Stay safe with anytime, anywhere protection from malicious Internet destinations.
  2. Email Security for Office 365:- Get more protection against phishing, ransomware, business email compromise and more.
  3. Security for SaaS applications:- Gain visibility and control to enable highly secure cloud adoption.
  4. Public cloud infrastructure visibility:- Easily detect threats, achieve greater insight and verify compliance in your public cloud infrastructure.
  5. Real-time cloud monitoring:- This solution provides application performance monitoring for continuous application and business intelligence.
  6. Multicloud network protection:-Stops threats with the most widely deployed firewall virtualized for private, public and hybrid clouds.
  7. Multicloud workload protection:- Knitlogix offers holistic workload protection with application visibility and segmentation.
What are the benefits of cloud security?

Knitlogix helps you adopt the cloud securely. With it, you can better manage security for the way the world works today. It protects users against threats anywhere they access the Internet and it protects your data and applications in the cloud.

a. Block threats earlier:- Stop malware before it reaches your network or endpoints. Reduce the time spent remediating infections.

b. Extend protection:-Remove blind spots. Protect users anywhere they go, anywhere they access the Internet.

c. Secure users, data, apps:- Protect users, data and apps in the cloud against compromised accounts, malware and data breaches. Enable compliance.

d. Enable secure cloud use:- Improve security with no impact on end-user productivity. Keep your security up to date.

Hear experts from Knitlogix explain what cloud-delivered security can do for you.

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