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The need for a Robust Network Security

The need for a Robust Network Security

A Robust Network Security will protect your organization against these malicious infiltrators that have the capacity to corrupt or destroy your invaluable network data.

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a) Virus:

A virus is a malicious, downloadable file that can lay dormant that replicates itself by changing other computer programs with its own code. Once it spreads those files are infected and can spread from one computer to another and/or corrupt or destroy network data.

b) Worms:

Can slow down computer networks by eating up bandwidth as well as the slow the efficiency of your computer to process data. A worm is a standalone malware that can propagate and work independently of other files, where a virus needs a host program to spread.

c) Trojan:

A Trojan is a backdoor program that creates an entryway for malicious users to access the computer system by using what looks like a real program, but quickly turns out to be harmful. A Trojan virus can delete files, activate other malware hidden on your computer network, such as a virus and steal valuable data.

d) Spyware:

Much like its name, spyware is a computer virus that gathers information about a person or organization without their express knowledge and may send the information gathered to a third party without the consumer’s consent.

e) Adware:

Can redirect your search requests to advertising websites and collect marketing data about you in the process so that customized advertisements will be displayed based on your search and buying history.

f) Ransomware:

This is a type of Trojan cyberware that is designed to gain money from the person or organization’s computer on which it is installed by encrypting data so that it is unusable, blocking access to the user’s system.

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