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Manage user identities:-

IAM systems can be the sole directory used to create, modify and delete users or it may integrate with one or more other directories and synchronize with them. Identity and Access Management can also create new identities for users who need a specialized type of access to an organization’s tools.

Provisioning/deprovisioning users:-

Specifying which tools and access levels (editor, viewer, administrator) to grant a user is called provisioning. IAM tools allow IT departments to provision users by role, department or other grouping in consultation with the managers of that department. Since it is time consuming to specify each individual’s access to every resource, identity management systems enable provisioning via policies defined based on role-based access control (RBAC). Users are assigned one or more roles, usually based on job function and the RBAC IAM system automatically grants them access. Provisioning also works in reverse; to avoid security risks presented by ex-employees retaining access to systems, IAM allows your organization to quickly remove their access.

Authenticating users:-

IAM systems authenticate a user by confirming that they are who they say they are. Today, secure authentication means multi-factor authentication (MFA) and preferably, adaptive authentication.

Authorizing users :-

Access management ensures a user is granted the exact level and type of access to a tool that they’re entitled to. Users can also be portioned into groups or roles so large cohorts of users can be granted the same privileges.


IAM tools generate reports after most actions taken on the platform (like login time, systems accessed and type of authentication) to ensure compliance and assess security risks.

Single Sign-On:-

Identity and Access Management solutions with single sign-on (SSO) allow users to authenticate their identity with one portal instead of many different resources. Once authenticated, the IAM system acts as the source of identity truth for the other resources available to the user, removing the requirement for the user to remember several passwords.

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